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October 10, 2009 / rediflex

Wanderings Pt. 2

More things discovered out on the road this time.

Driving between Cincinnati and Dayton seems to be the majority of mileage put on my car this year.  For the most part, I am okay with this fact.  Except for the day I drove to Tipp City and two trucks blew tires out in front of me on the same trip.  I started to wonder then about the frequency of trips and how likely I am to get myself into something ugly.

This photo was taken from the passenger seat of Jeff’s car, as we were on our way into Cincinnati to see some live music at one of my favorite bars.  Not long after this image was captured, we ran into quite the spot of rain.

Beauty Before the Storm

Beauty Before the Storm

Often, we pull off the road and into car dealerships.  Usually this is because Jeff has spotted something he wishes he could have.  In this case, it was a pale mint green 60’s Ford Mustang.  Of course, while he ooohs and aaahs over his new obsession, I tend to poke about and see what’s hiding elsewhere.  This particular lot had a garage full of things that were drool-worthy but, with the garage not being open, a bit hard to capture.  Standing out by an old hauler was an even older truck.  I’d take this before the Mustang any day, just so you know.

If I could only take you home with me.

If I could only take you home with me.

That’s all for pictures today.  I’ve got some job hunting to do.


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