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September 20, 2009 / rediflex

Out on the Road

I’ve been staying with my boyfriend mostly since my unemployment.  It’s a bit more like camping in his living room since he is moving and has completely emptied the house out.  As such, he has no internet service at this time, so I’ve been wandering the Troy area in search of new coffeehouses to try out and borrow internet service from.  A few places I had connectivity issues with, and have seen another one today while walking around downtown that I’ll need to try out sometime.  For the moment, I’m sitting at Boston Stoker on 55 in Troy, enjoying a delicious Ghirardelli Caramel Latte, iced of course, as I seem to be having a slight obsession with iced lattes lately.  This coffeehouse is part of a chain, however, it lacks the “chain coffeehouse” feel with its eclectic interior design.  Instead of regimented chairs and tables that are all cohesive and matching, There are little clusters of seating dotted here and there, some of the groups are matched pieces, and others are a bit more “thrown together”.  My favorite set is the cream painted wicker armchairs and loveseat with the two matching ottomans set together to form a coffeetable.  The paint is chipped and peeling, giving it a wonderful distressed look.

I walked around Troy today to see what there was to see.  The very first time I ever visited Troy I immediately fell in love.  Since I am now in the market for a job, I am seeking it in the Dayton and points northward areas, specifically I’d love to live in Troy.  Yesterday was the “Taste of Troy” festival, and although I couldn’t go too crazy because of my financial situation, let me tell you that the Bakehouse makes an amazing Tiramisu.  We also tried out the Katsu curry from Sakai and it was delicious.  My shirt even got to try some… I hope it comes out in the wash!


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