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August 16, 2009 / rediflex

Wanderings Pt. 1

Sometimes I just get the urge to drive around aimlessly, and sometimes you just come across something really interesting on the way to someplace you were already going.  These photos were results of days like those.

The wooden giraffe in West Milton was discovered on a day when I was visiting Jeff, but he had a shift to work, and his roommate was sleeping.  So instead of sitting around all day, I decided to go west down 571 and see what there was to see.  Right off of 571 in West Milton is the Historic Downtown, (yes, you’ll see lots of historic downtowns if you follow me long enough) consisting of many interesting looking little shops that someday I’ll be visiting.  But what caught my eye here was the woodworker’s shop, nestled inside an old theater.  It didn’t appear to be open, so I didn’t get to go inside, but the giraffe outside was too good to pass up.  After this quick photo session, I had taco pizza from Fox’s Pizza den, which harbors an old “Big Choice” machine inside.

The wooden giraffe of West Milton.

The wooden giraffe of West Milton.

The texture of a weathered old barn is always an interesting sight to behold.  One that has a sign outside that says “Danger: Explosives in use” must be immortalized in pixels.  The sign warns that explosives are indeed in use, and goes on to explain the Pre-Blast warning signal and the All-Clear signal used on the site.  Intriguing, as there were no visible signs of things being exploded, and the barn itself has obviously been in-situ for quite some time.  I briefly imagined exploring the site for further knowledge, but then considered accidentally being exploded myself, and settled for just the photograph.

Danger: Explosives in Use

Warning: Explosives in Use


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  1. wildstorm / Aug 16 2009 10:58 pm

    A wooden giraffe. Interesting!

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